Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Sweater- Thrifted
Random white shirt
Jeans- Levi's super old
Stella McCartney Padmasana boots via eBay
Hat- Vans
 Although snowmaggedon has given me a break from graduate school and driving the kiddos around, I've still managed to be super busy???  I'm actually caught up on laundry and I was able to dedicate time to decorating my new place (3 months later) and not just unpacking boxes.  I even got a chance to take blog pictures in some of my REAL winter stuff like these Stella McCartney boots that I stalked on eBay for a year.  The roads are still a little icy but I suspect things will be back to normal by this weekend.  It was awesome to ease into the day by having croissants and coffee juice with the kiddos.  Think I'll add it to our morning routine to give us an opportunity to connect before facing the day... Were you snowed in the past few days?  How did you occupy your time???
Tia Lou


  1. Love the sweater!

    Snow, ice, frigid temps in a continuing cycle here in Chicago. Looking forward to having a super hot and sticky summer!

    1. Thanks Troy! This winter has been brutal!!! Sending warm thoughts your way :)

  2. Great shots! I dont know how you guys handle snow but I cannot stand it because we are always ill prepared even for a few centimeters let alone a few inches.

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    1. Thanks Bianca! Same here...people were trapped in their cars for 20 hours+. We're expecting another one. Hopefully we will be better prepared this time.